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Welcome to Best Behaviour & Training

Best Behaviour & Training is based in Kirkby Lonsdale and clients are seen from Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. We offer pet dog training, behavioural consultations and a full range of other services.

As well as being a referral practice for behaviour problems, dog training classes run twice weekly specifically aimed to help pet dog owners. Previously based in south Manchester, Best Behaviour & Training has been a full time practice since 1998 with training clients coming from word of mouth recommendations and behaviour problems from veterinary referral.

The aim of all our training is to be fun for the owner and dog as well as educational. We train in a kind, fair and effective way using the most modern, gentle, reward based principles. Harsh, punitive methods are not acceptable and in no way necessary. Training by positively reinforcing good behaviour creates a sound relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

Dog training is as much about people as it is about dogs so recognising the way each species communicates is vitally important. At Best Behaviour and Training we work with owners and their dogs to develop an understanding of canine behaviour and body language therefore enhancing the relationship between the two. Good dogs are dogs that develop good habits in early life and are prevented from learning bad habits as much as possible. This is the ethos for our puppy training - prevention is always better than cure.

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For more information contact us now on 01524 271 955 or 07736 714 566. You can also send us a message via the enquiry form on the contact page.